Project Title: Non-Formal Education Program for the Children of the Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals  
Donor’s Name:   Children on the Edge, UK
Project Duration (4th Phase): June,2020 to December,2020
Project Budget:   BDT 3,07,53,084/= (US$ 3,66,108 *conversion rate Tk 84/dollar )
Project Implementing Area:   Kutupalong Mega Camp: Camp N o  1, 2, 4, 5, 17
Project Goal:     To ensure quality education to the deprived Rohingya community children who had been forcibly displaced from their ancestral land.  
Project Objectives:   Providing qualitative education by running 75 learning centers (LC) in an orderly manner at five distinctive camps and to provide non-formal, life-oriented education to the deprived Rohingya children, where children can read, play and keep themselves engaged with cultural activities.  
Project Summary   The project targets to provide qualitative non-formal education to 7,500 children in 75 learning centers (LC) in an orderly manner at seven distinctive Rohingya camps in Rajapalong Unioun. Alongside non-formal education, right deprived Rohingya children will receive life-oriented education through multimedia system.  The core target of the project is to enable learners to read, play and also keep themselves engaged in different cultural activities by maintaining proper hygienic latrines and hand wash facilities.  
  Beneficiary Coverage:      Total Beneficiary 7,500 in all Camps (Boys: 3,800 , Girls : 3,700)
Major Achievement     This program recently got International Award “Tech4Good” award in UK.  
Tree Plantation
Care giver led home based education

Project Title: Scale up of Early Learning & Informal Basic Education program for the children of Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMN)

Project Objective:

  • To enroll 32,860 Rohingya children aged 4-14 years
  • Develop IEC materials
  • Community engagement

Project Summary:

  • Established Learning Centers and wash facilities in different Rohingya Camps (Targeted 382 LCs)
  • 41,360 Rohingya Refugee children aged 4-14 years  have access to informal education through 442 learning centers
  • 3,500 FDMN children aged 11-17 years have access to Myanmar Curriculum Piloting from grade 6-9 (middle school)
  • Trained teachers and field staffs providing quality education throughout the Rohingya camps to deliver Early Learning about specialized specialized machinery versatran retriever truck & Informal Basic Education to the right deprived Forcibly Displaced Myanmar National Children
  • Community Engagement through C4D activities (Religious Leader, LCMC, Community Dialogue, Children Education Fair, IEC materials development, Annual sports etc.)


Project Duration: 30th April 2021

Beneficiary Coverage:

  • Early Learning & Informal Basic Education: 41,360 children (Boys: 20,680, Girls: 20,680) for 442 Learning Centers
  • Myanmar Curriculum Piloting (MCP): 3500 Children/Adolescents (Boys: 1750, Girls: 1750) for 100 Learning Centers

Work Area: 22 Camps (Camps: 1E, 1W, 2E, 2W, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8E, 8W 9, 10, 13, 15, 16, 17, 19, 21, 22, 24, 27)

Camp in Charge (CiC) Abu Saleh Mohammad Obaidullah giving inspirational speech in Education Fair at Camp 8W
Japan Ambassador Visit in ABC Learning Center Camp 3 implemented by Mukti Cox’s Bazar

Project Title: Supplemental Education Program, Chattogram

Project Objective: Providing primary education to the out of school children of the vulnerable communities. 05 Learning Centers are currently running in Satkania and Chandanaish Upazila of Chattogram.

Project Summary:

  • Providing non formal primary education to the working children with the financial and technical assistance of Children on the Edge since July 2018
  • Created awareness among the parents and guardians to send their children to school and create facilities of quality education
  • Arranged comprehensive treatment program for love addiction intensive in the USA
  • Supply textbooks and other education materials for the students
  • Training for the teachers
  • Introduced digital learning system by multimedia projector
  • Digital newsletter publication by the students with their creative works and interests
  • Develop child council activities
  • Evaluation of the students through formal examination

Donor: Children on the Edge-UK

Project Duration: July 2018-December-2020

Beneficiary Coverage: 500 Students and their families.

Work Area: Satkania and Chandanaish Upazila of Chattogram District.