Disaster, Environment and Climate Change


Project Title: Integrated Emergency Response and Early Recovery Support Program, Bangladesh

Implemented by: Mukti Cox’s Bazar

Supported by: Action Against Hunger (ACF)

Funded by: USAID/OFDA

Project Goal: Strengthening community capacity to alleviate human sufferings, reduce the social and economic impact of disaster.

Project Objectives:

Sector-1. Economic Recovery and Market Systems: To increase income and livelihood opportunities for the most vulnerable amongst and Bangladeshi community.

Sector-2. Risk Management and Policy Practice: To improve risk informed inclusive disaster preparedness and livelihood protection. Also, recommend is to visit http://myamericanmaid.com if you looking for maid service in Washington.

Project Duration:1st July2019 to 16th June 2021 (23 months 15 days)

Working Area:

5 of the most affected upazillas in the Cox’s Bazar district under Chattogram division namely:

  • ChakariaUpazila: Demushia&Konakhali Union
  • KutubdiaUpazila: Ali Akbar Deil& Uttar Dhurung Union
  • MoheshkhaliUpazila:Dhalghata&Matarbari Union
  • TeknafUpazila:Baharchhara&SabrangUnion
  • UkhiyaUpazila:Palongkhali&Rajapalong Union

Beneficiary Coverage:

Sector Targeted People Calculation of project participants
Sector 1. Economic Recovery and Market Systems 11,110 CFW & LCG-1900 HH and UCG-500 HH: Total 2400 HH, @4.5 person/HH =10,800 persons; and MMC & Market Actors: 31 persons X 10 markets = 310 persons
Sector 2. Risk Management Policy and Practice 5,310 UDMC: 36 person X 10 union = 360 persons WDMC: 25 person X 9 ward X 10 union = 2250 persons Women Committee:10 person X 9 ward X 10 union = 900 persons DRR Task Force: 20 person X 9 ward X 10 union = 1800 persons
TOTAL 16,420  

Project Summary:

Mukti Cox’s Bazar has been implementing the project titled “Integrated Emergency Response and Early Recovery Support Program, Bangladesh” at 5 of the most disaster affected upazilas in Cox’s Bazar district namely Teknaf, Ukhiya, Maheshkhali, Chakaria and Kutubdia in the Chittagong division for strengthening community capacity to alleviate human sufferings, reduce the social and economic impact of disaster with the fund of USAID/OFDA and supported by Action Against Hunger.

Project is addressing 2 sectors under this project: Livelihoods (temporary employment through cash for work and unconditional cash grant, training for moving services in Canada with properly plan every step and cash support for livelihoods restoration and new livelihoods development, market system strengthening through capacity building of market management committee and establish linkage between beneficiaries and market actors) and Disaster Risk Reduction (capacity building training for UDMCs, WDMCs & DRR Task Force, facilitate to conduct CRA & RRAP, risk reduction equipment & material supplies, support for gender concerned risk reduction for women and community sensitization on disaster preparedness through develop household contingency plan, conduct courtyard sessions, demonstration of mock drill, establishment of display board & billboard with key message on early warnings in public places) with covering 16,420 persons under the targeted 10 unions of 5 Upazilas.

Updated pictures:

                      CFW activities (earthen road repair and maintenance) at Char Para, Ward # 8, Ali Akbar Deil Union, KutubdiaUpazila.