Non-Formal Primary Education (NFPE) has been a cornerstone of MUKTI’s programs. NFPE provides relevant education to underprivileged children of rural areas around Cox’s Bazar. The program is being implemented with the technical and financial assistance of Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) at Cox’s Bazar Sadar, Moheshkhali and Ramu Upazilla of Cox’s Bazar district since 2002.

The goal of the program is to increase access in non-formal education for the underprivileged Children to create linkage with formal education and endorsing adult education to the poor to empower them by providing well-integrated training for improving their livelihoods.

Some tremendous achievements are as follows regarding the program:

  • Through the project total 1350 vulnerable children completed primary education up to grade-3 and now 690 children are studying in grade-4 to complete grade-5 in 2015.
  • Have created opportunity to access to non-formal especially the Children.
  • The target people are being better able to aware on health, hygiene and nutrition.
  • The literacy rate of the locality has increased than previous period.
  • The guardians of the children are being realized to send their children in to the school


With the technical and financial support of Children on the Edge, MUKTI has been implementing Supplemental Education Program since 2010.


Increased access to education for minimizing vulnerability of working children engaged.

MUKTI Supplemental Education Program

Indoor games – Supplemental Education Program

Immediate objectives:

  • By December 2014, 900 full time child workers are protected from abuse and exploitative condition through participation and enrolment in educational and skills development programs.
  • By December 2014 access to ‘joyful education’ ensured for 900 child worker as part of reducing their vulnerability in future life situations.
  • By December 2014 awareness and sensitization has been made for minimum 900 children and their parents on social protection through ensuring education support.

Project Activities:

  • Primary Basic education up to grade-3
  • Training (life skill, Protective Behavior, Health Hygiene)
  • Rest and recreation (sports and games event and competition )
  • Cultural activities (drawing, rhyme, wall magazine etc. event and competition)
  • Uniform, Snacks distribution
  • Parents meeting
  • School Management Committee (SMC) meeting


With the assistance of Save the Children International, MUKTI has been implementing the education program for working children in Cox’s Bazar sea beach area since July 2011.


Increased access to education for the empowerment of the sea beach working children.

MUKTI school examination

Exam in school – Education for Youth Empowerment


  • Basic Education
  • Child and Youth club
  • Vocational Training


  • Two full time learning centres has been established
  • 360 children are studying in IV to VII
  • 60 meeting was held with parents
  • 360 children have received learning assistance i.e. Books, pencils, dress etc.
  • 250 students received life skills training.
  • 155 children and youths received vocational training on hotel management (House keeping operation & Front desk operation) and tailoring.


MUKTI Cox’s Bazar had implemented a project named Education Access and Quality Improvement Program (EAQIP) with the technical and financial assistance of Save the Children Australia from January 2010 to December 2010.

The objectives of the program are:


Develop skill of teachers through training

Create child friendly environment in the school

Reduce drop out rate in the primary education