With the Technical assistance of BRAC and funded by Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM) MUKTI has been implementing the Malaria Control Program for reducing and prevent the malarial diseases in Cox’s Bazar district since June 2007.

Working Area:

10 Union’s of Cox’s Bazar Sadar, 11 Union’s of Ramu Upazilla and Cox’s Bazar Pourasova under Cox’s Bazar District.


  • To increase access to quality diagnosis and effective treatment to 90% of the target population in high risk areas by 2015.
  • To reduce the risk of transmission through integrated vector control and us ITN (Insecticide Treated Net) / LLNs in 90% of the households in targeted areas by 2015.
  • To enhance awareness about prevention and control in 80% of the target areas by 2015, and promote malaria supportive environment.
  • To strengthen “epidemiological surveillance” and “rapid response capacity to outbreaks and epidemic” in the targeted areas by 2015.
MUKTI Malaria Control Program

Special net distribution – Malaria Control Program

Major Activities:

  • Identification on Malaria Patient.
  • Diagnosis & Treatment.
  • Long Lasting Insecticide treated Net (LLIN) distribution
  • Existing net treated by tablet (Insecticide Treated Net-ITN)
  • Conduct B.C.C & Advocacy Workshop.
  • Regular courtyard meeting at community level.
  • Implement popular theatre and folk song for community awareness.
  • Village Doctors orientation for proper treatment.

Major Achievements:

  • 67065 blood slide taken for fever cases examine by microscopy & RDT.
  • 98% of children Under 5year sleeping under an ITN the previous night last.
  • 100% of pregnant women slept under an ITN/LLIN the previous last night.
  • Aware 88,000 families on malaria parasite diseases.
  • 28500 people aware through Popular theater and folk song events.
  • 85% Families of Ramu & Sadar upazilla are using LLINs in malaria-endemic areas.
  • 48% Families of Ramu & Sadar Upazilla using ITN.
  • 100% of malaria patients provide early diagnosis and prompt treatment (EDPT) with effective drugs.
  • Reduced 100% death cases due to Malaria.
  • 7984 Patients received anti-malarial drug according to national treatment protocol.


MUKTI Cox’s Bazar has Implemented Women Friendly Hospital Initiative project in Cox’s Bazar sadar hospital with the financial assistance of UNICEFNaripokkho from June 2007- December 2011.


  • To ensure better service for the women.
  • To create a women friendly environment in the hospital.

Major Activities:

  • Improvement of health service facilities i.e reproductive health, community health services of Cox’s Bazar sadar hospital.
  • One to One Contact, Group consultation with doctors, nurses, ward boys and other stakeholders for ensuring better services to the female patients.
  • Provide logistic supports to the hospital for improving the treatment of female patients.
  • Advocacy activities in different level of the country.


Basic Facilities of the Hospital:
  • Availability of Safe drinking water
  • Separate registration desk for female in OPD
  • Separate drug dispensing counter for female.
  • Separate female toilet in OPD and EMG dept.
  • Conductions of regular health education sessions (Three sessions per day) with proper documentation.
  • Availability of female doctor in OPD.
  • Maintenance of privacy of female patients of out door examination room.
  • Adequate security arrangement for the female patients and female service provider.
  • House keeping significantly improved.
  • Visitor control in tolerable position.
  • Establishment of information center in OPD.
  • A beautiful flower garden within hospital Campus.
Mother baby package service:
  • Establishment of a Separate Antenatal Care room where – Relevant health education, regular antenatal check up done by trained personnel.
  • Establishment of a separate female ward (Supported by UNICEF) providing by 04 SSN, 05 Aya & 05 MLSS.
  • Separate 02 OT equipped for providing EMOC service.
  • EOC Team formed and providing 24 hrs services.
  • A Separate safe blood transfusion centre for 24 hrs service.


Mukti Cox’s Bazar had implemented Strengthening Households Ability to Respond to Development Opportunity (SHOUHARDO) Program at Cox’s Bazar district from February 2006 to February 2010.The Government of People’s Republic of BangladeshUS Agency for International Development (USAID)CARE Bangladesh, Cox’s Bazar Poursova and Mukti Cox’s Bazar jointly implemented the program at Cox’s Bazar Sadar, Ramu Upazilla and Cox’s Bazar Poursova under Cox’s Bazar district.

One of the main objectives of the program was:

  • Improvement of health and nutrition of the project participants on a sustainable basis.
Activities of Health Hygiene and Nutrition:
  • Food support to Pregnant and Lactating mothers
  • Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS)
  • Ensure safe drinking water etc.
  • Courtyard meeting to aware about nutrition.

Provision of Lifesaving Health Care Services

With the technical and financial assistance of International Organization for Migration (IOM) MUKTI Cox’s Bazar has been implementing Provision of Lifesaving Health Care Services project in all the villages of eight upazilas of Cox’s Bazar district since January 2014.


The overall objective of the project is to reduce water borne diseases, child mortality (MDG 4) and improve maternal health (MDG 5) by providing effective health education in all the 71 unions and 4 Pourasavas of Cox’s Bazar district. The specific objectives of the project are –

  • To provide health, hygiene and nutrition education among communities of the project areas.
  • To ensure 100% children will receive new born care services, DPT3 immunization, vitamin A supplements, and vaccination against polio and measles.
  • To motivate pregnant women and their guardian for ensuring deliveries assisted by a skilled birth attendant.


By the end of the project period the following outputs are expected:

Establishment of institutions
  • Establishment of 75 Community Emergency Health Action Team (CEHAT).
  • Arranged 12600 Courtyard meetings with community people to aware them on emergency life saving measures and WASH.
  • Arranged 75 advocacy meetings with Teacher, UP Chairman, Member, Civil Society, Village Leaders, etc. to sensitize the community.
  • Staged 25 Folk songs / Drama to aware community on emergency life saving measures and WASH.
  • Conduct campaign at 25 school/ madrasa for raising awareness on emergency life saving measures and WASH.
Training and services
  • Arranged orientation for 625 religious leaders on emergency life saving measures and WASH.
Materials distribution and Treatment support
  • ORS & Zinc Tab and Iron Tab distribution to Ultra poor families
  • Brochures distribution for health awareness
  • Medical team with ambulance in Pekua & Ukhia.
  • Treatment support to ultra poor emergency patient.