Vission & Mission


A peaceful universal society free from poverty and prejudice where people will live in dignity and security.


Our mission is to be good and to do good. To be good we will ensure the practice of good governance such as participation, accountability and transparency at all level to eliminate poverty and foster dignity. And to do good we will make the poor specially the woman self-reliant by providing necessary service through a well-integrated educational process.


  • Sincerity & Honesty
  • Equality & Justice
  • Transparency & Accountability
  • Respect and Commitment to service


  • To make greater mass people free from illiteracy and prejudice.
  • To enrich mental and financial conditions of women.
  • To work for establishing women & child rights & dignity and women empowerment.
  • To create employment opportunity for unemployed and poor mass people especially unemployed and poor women through providing vocational training.
  • To work with the view to ensure & improve livelihoods of family or individual of poor community.
  • To provide health, education and income generating support for the poor and handicapped.
  • To work for making the children and women free from physical and mental torture and develop social movement for preventing women & children torture/ trafficking.
  • To work for rehabilitation of distressed, underprivileged & right-deprived children and women and provide legal assistance to them.
  • To provide humanitarian assistance in disaster.
  • To work with the view to conserving environment and developing environment.
  • To protect the cultural heritage and tradition of indigenous people and to work for their total development.
  • To work with the view to promoting good governance everywhere.
  • To manage credit for targeted people from govt., semi govt., non-govt. or autonomous organization with the view of total poverty alleviation.