Ongoing Project

Mukti Cox’s Bazar

Date of establishment: 01 January, 1996.

Vision: A peaceful universal society free from poverty and prejudice where people will live in dignity and security.

Mission: To be good and to do good.

Ongoing Program

Sl.# Name of Program/ Project Duration Working District Donor & Partner
01 Micro Credit Assistance Program 2000- Continue Cox’s Bazar & Chittagong PKSF
02 Malaria Control Program 2007- Continue Cox’s Bazar GFATM & BRAC
03 Informal Basic Education for FDMN Children 2016- Continue Cox’s Bazar UNICEF
04 Supplemental Education Program   2010- Continue Cox’s Bazar Children on the Edge
05 Community Health Outreach Program 2014- Continue Cox’s Bazar IOM
06 ENRICH 2015-Continue Cox’s Bazar PKSF & Mukti
07 Mukti Education Program 2016- Continue Cox’s Bazar Mukti
08 Cultural and Sports Program 2016-Continue Cox’s Bazar PKSF & Mukti
09 Sexual Exploitation of Children Online and in Travel and Tourism 2016- Continue Cox’s Bazar TdH Netherlands & ASK
10 Gender Based Violence in Emergency 2017- Continue Cox’s Bazar UNFPA
11 Growing Together 2017- Continue Cox’s Bazar Handicap International
12 Development of Elderly People 2017- Continue Cox’s Bazar PKSF & Mukti
13 Consortium Project to Improve the well-being health among refugees & host community in Cox’s Bazar 2018-Continue Cox’s Bazar DFID & ACF
14 Strengthening Access to Multi-sectoral Public Services for GBV Survivors in Bangladesh 2018-Continue Cox’s Bazar UNFPA & ASK
15 Comprehensive nutrition response to address acute malnutrition among vulnerable populations living in Rohigya camps and host community 2018-Continue Cox’s Bazar BPRM & ACF
16 Improve Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Host community 2018-Continue Cox’s Bazar IVY Japan
17 Improve Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for FDMN 2018-Continue Cox’s Bazar IVY Japan
18 Labor Mobilization Program 2018-Continue Cox’s Bazar WFP
19 Education in Emergency Program 2018-Continue Cox’s Bazar VSO Bangladesh
20 Non Formal Education for FDMN Children 2018-Continue Cox’s Bazar Children on the Edge
21 Supplemental Education Program 2018-Continue Chittagong Children on the Edge
22 Improving peaceful coexistence  and livelihoods in Rohingya hosting areas in Bangladesh 2019-Continue Cox’s Bazar UNHCR
23   Strengthening resilience and food security of forcibly displaced Myanmar nations and host community in Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar 2019-Continue Cox’s Bazar Solidar Suisse
24 Safe home for vulnerable children of Cox’s Bazar 2019-Continue Cox’s Bazar BANI STREET
25 Improve WaSH through FSM and bathing cubicle for FDMN 2019-Continue Cox’s Bazar IVY Japan
26 Enhancing learning outcomes for forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals in Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar 2019-Continue Cox’s Bazar Street Child-UK
27 Multi-purpose cyclone shelter repair & refurbishment Program 2019-Continue Cox’s Bazar USAID & SCI
28 Protection Initiatives for unaccompanied or orphaned child in Cox’s Bazar 2019-Continue Cox’s Bazar War Child-Canada
29 Cash based interventions to support Rohingya refugees and the most vulnerable host community in Cox’s Bazar 2019-Continue Cox’s Bazar SIDA & ACF
30 Office of USA foreign Disaster Assistance project 2019-Continue Cox’s Bazar USAID & ACF